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Agra Marble Carved Circular Incense Holder

Agra Marble Carved Circular Incense Holder

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9cm x 9cm x 10cm, 370gm

Rich, luxurious Agra marble is expertly carved to create this Circular Incense Holder. Perfect for the meditative space or bedroom, this piece brings a touch of old-world charm and sophistication with its intricate details. Enjoy the ancient art of aromatherapy with this timeless and durable holder.

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Multi functional and visually pleasing designs

Can be used as tea-light candle holder, aroma diffuser or a decorative item for your living space.

The intricate carvings create stunning visual patterns at night

Proudly of Indian origin

Handcrafted with lots of dedication and love in historic town of Agra in Uttar Pradesh. By making a purchase, you will help us take a small step towards empowering rural artisans, support such small traditional and indigenous businesses in remote parts of our country, we can improve livelihoods of thousands of artisans, often coming from economically weaker sections of society. Read more

  • Free Shipping within India

  • Hassle-free exchanges for products damaged in transit before delivery

  • About Agra Marble Carving

    We at Spiticart, are proud to present to you one of the historic Indian handicrafts, the marble carved products from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The great country of India is filled with an abundance of rich heritage of arts and handicrafts and the Agra marble is one such typical example.

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  • About Spiticart

    A platform to showcase India’s rich heritage of arts, handicrafts and unique rural products from across remote parts of our country. These age old craft are largely forgotten in the modern era of fast fashion and cheap mass manufactured products often imported from other nations.

    At the heart of our venture are the rural artisans, the custodians of our traditional and age old arts and crafts. At Spiticart, one of our objectives is to empower rural artisans by improving their livelihoods. The artisans bring these amazing products to life and we want to share their unique products to homes across the world and end up leaving a positive impact on their lives. Every purchase you make, will help us take a small step towards this goal.

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