About Us

About Us

Welcome to Spiticart.com,

Delivering diversity from across India

A platform aimed at showcasing India’s rich heritage of arts, handicrafts and unique rural products and empowering rural artisans by improving their livelihoods.

We want to keep the artisans at the heart of our venture. They bring the amazing products to life and we want to share their hard-work, dedication to craft and end up leaving a positive impact on their lives.

  • Delivering diverse and unique products from across India
    • The last few years has seen tremendous growth in the e-commerce space in India. However a small group of multinationals, mass manufacturers, leading companies have captured a vast majority of this growth leaving behind a huge sector of small business owners, rural artisans and craftsmen, traditional Indian products etc. This is a pity since India has so much to offer, yet this massive informal sector employing lakhs mostly from poor rural background has been largely neglected.
    • Though India as a country is only a few decades old, the Indian subcontinent has a rich . Home to the Indus valley civilisation, Mauryas, Cholas, Vijayanagara empires. The Mughal era brought in yet another . India was once by far the leading exporter of textile industry
    • Despite such rich cultural heritage, today’s generation are barely aware of these art and crafts forms. was largely lost and forgotten during the colonial era. However we firmly believe that it is our duty to bring back many of these neglected crafts and products from across the length and breadth of this great nation of ours.
  • Promoting the rich Indian heritage of arts and handicrafts
    • At Spiticart, one of our core values is to promote the rich Indian heritage of arts and crafts from across remote parts of our country. These age old craft are often neglected in the modern era of fast fashion and cheap mass manufactured products often imported from other nations.
    • We consider it to be a privilege to showcase this traditional craft to vast number of people and online shoppers on the Internet. We hope this would help revive the interest in our traditional handicraft industry. We firmly believe that as the new generation of India, we should proudly promote our rich cultural heritage and the Shantiniketan leather is a typical example of one such craft.
    • Over time, we hope to showcase and promote plenty of such unique and traditional Indian arts and crafts. Explore our full range of products at spiticart.com
  • Empowering rural artisans by improving their livelihoods
    • The most heartwarming aspect in our whole journey of working on this venture has undoubtedly been the interactions with the artisans working on these crafts. While it is heartening to see the craftsmen work in these sectors, preserving the age old techniques at the same time it is also dispiriting when we get to learn their financial hardships and extremely challenging lives.
    • The artisans employed in Shantiniketan leather industry often come from poor background and have to work long hours in order to earn their daily wages. At Spiticart, one of our primary goals is to help improve the livelihoods of such artisans. Every purchase you make, is a small step towards this goal. It is our sincere wish that over the years if we can support Shantiniketan leather products to become more widespread in Indian households, we would be empowering these artisans by improving their livelihoods.

Meet the founders
We are two engineers turned entrepreneurs passionate to make a difference. Having being friends since engineering days, we have always wanted to venture out and interact with people from apart from our regular jobs in front of computers.

Over the coming years, we look forward to bringing many such unique products to modern homes from across remote parts of India, to proudly showcase the rich heritage of our country’s arts and crafts, to share the inspiring stories of rural artisans, to leave a positive impact on their lives.

Like all big goals in life, it requires support from a large group of people in order to turn this ambitious goal into a reality. In this regard, every purchase you make is a small step towards our larger vision of empowering the rural artisans by improving their livelihoods. Hope you will join us and be a part of this beautiful journey.

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